Dipping my Toes in

Some of you know me, and many of you probably don’t. I appreciate you going on this journey with me, and I want to let you know that your support is important to me. I won’t be having my family, or even a lot of my friends joining me here. It was important for me to express that right off the bat. Your support is everything, and it is how I validate. So Kudos! You’re doing a smash up job!

Anyway, so here’s the rub. I have spent the last eight years of my life doing a thankless job (that my big business daddy tried to thank me for often). A job based on numbers. A job that people would call me at, and would like to do nothing more than get on with their day. I was an impediment to their happiness even though I was helping them out in some way. Recently my business daddy cut me loose, and told me I could no longer get paid to do this thankless job. I politely, and quite elegantly exited the corporate world. I was ‘promoted to customer’.

Yes I still use their products. I think they are the best on the market, and years in tech support has shown me that this business daddy takes care of their base. I’m now their base. I had to action my talent to really find out where I was going from here. Eight years of devotion all neatly sized down to one short interaction with my boss’s boss. How sad. I lost my culture, my work-family, and a nurturing environment all at once. What am I going to do? How am I going to feed and house my family? What now?

What now Seline? I have rolled this question over, and over again. You see two weeks before they terminated me I was beginning to prepare. I was really burned on the position I had been promoted to. I had extensive health issues (caused by many years on a headset) that caused me to be less than enthusiastic about being there. These health issues exacerbated my anxiety so very much that I could not be at work. I was inpatient for a week just trying to keep myself safe from the madness that was rising within. I had to action change. For years of my life (whenever I had a job that dealt with people over the phone) I was told by men and women alike that my voice was… Sexy. I’ve been asked on multiple occasions for my personal contact information.. because I just have a “fuckable” voice. So before termination I sat, and brainstormed all of my talents. I tried to categorize things that I could do; Voice work, phone work, creative outlets, writing. Then I stumbled on an article about making money by being sexy. What the fuck even? I would never have guessed that people still pay others to help them achieve orgasm. It was utterly intriguing, and I spent days falling down this rabbit hole.

I ended up finding Cidney Green of on a few different articles about sex work. It was like a lightbulb came on, and I did say to myself..

“Self! It is high time you actioned your deviant talents, and made it work for you! Pay for training. You cannot make money unless you spend it. This is a wise investment.”

It was hard to argue with me. I find this often happens, but that voice is a smart one. I listen to it often. When my gut told me this was something I could do, I heard. I took a leap of faith, and bought her training package (please note this is not a testimonial, and I am not affiliated with Cidney other than being her customer). I went through it all, and then again for good measure. With her help, I set up all of the things I needed. I actioned my skills, and my network of friends that I knew would assist me with this. It came together very nicely, and within a few days I was taking calls. Shortly after I got settled, my employer terminated me.

Smart girl, getting all of this actioned so quickly. I needed to be prepared for this eventuality, and now I find myself more productive.I am more creative than ever before, and ready to take on challenges. This is a life change, and I am here for it. I am learning that I am not alone, with an entire community of flirts to discuss life with. It has been a completely compelling journey, and I do recommend anyone looking to dip their toe in to do so. Come on in, the water is fine.

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