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A weekly podcast that takes you on a wild ride through my life as a Phone Sex Operator. Including: anecdotes, titillating stories, personal experiences, some sexy advice, and interviews with other Sex work Positive experts.

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07 Phone Sex and Relationships Whimsical Sexperts

This week we explore what it's like for me to navigate my Phone Sex operations, and my personal love life. If you're struggling with your love life vs. an erotic profession, look no further! Come on in for some sexy anecdotes, and some sage advise on disconnecting your passion from your lust. This episode is sponsored in part by The Fable Beard Co. Visit them at ( and use the code SexAndWhimsy15 to save 15% off your order, and support me at the same time. Support this podcast
  1. 07 Phone Sex and Relationships
  2. 06 +1: Self-care in Sex Work
  3. 05 +1: Introducing my Sexy Partner Liv
  4. Bonus: Sexbite-04
  5. 04 Seline+1: A Kinkster's take on Toxic Sexuality

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